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Wild Rice 5#

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Wild rice isn't literally rice at all. It's the seed of Zizania palustris, a tall, blooming water grass that prospers in shallow lakes, marshes and streams, the only cereal grain native to the North American continent. It grows naturally in the Great Lakes region of Minnesota.

Highly nutritious, wild rice contains more than 12% protein uncooked, significantly more than common white rice or most other grains. It is high in complex carbohydrates and is a good source of fiber. In contrast, its sodium content is refreshingly low.  Wild rice is easy to prepare; the longer it cooks, the softer and fluffier the grains become. Simmering in broth or wine gives wild rice a rich, full-bodied taste, and its flavor can be further enhanced by adding chopped vegetables, nuts or fruit.

Uncooked wild rice will keep almost indefinitely, when stored in an airtight container. Cooked, it will keep for 10-14 days refrigerated, or can be frozen up to 6 months.

Uncooked wild rice will keep almost indefinitely when stored in an airtight container.  Cooked, it will keep up to 10 days refrigerated or can be frozen to use later.


Add 1 cup wild rice to 4 cups boiling water. Reduce heat, cover and simmer 55-65 minutes or until desired texture. Drain excess liquid and season to taste. Enhance the flavor of wild rice by cooking in chicken broth, bouillon, or soup mix. The texture can be varied the longer it cooks, the softer and fluffier the grain becomes.

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