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Vital Wheat Gluten ORGANIC 5#

I now add Gluten not just to specialty breads, but every batch. It adds so much to the lightness of the bread. I am amazed!
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Wheat gluten is the natural protein derived from wheat flour.

16 oz. Package

GMO Free

100% Natural

Adding this product to your whole wheat bread recipe results in improved uniformity and texture.

It provides strength and stretch to dough and also improves yield and shelf life. Whenever I make bread, we always add 2 heaping tablespoons of DE! If I use some specialty kinds of grain with less gluten, then I’ll add Vital Wheat Gluten.

The package recommends you add Vital Wheat Gluten to other flours in bread recipes, for extra elasticity and protein, resulting in a finer quality bread. When using gluten flour for this purpose, use 1 Tablespoon or less per cup of other flour. Whenever I make  my standard Prairie Gold, Spelt, Kamut bread, I just add 2 heaping tablespoons of Dough Enhancer! I only used Vital Wheat Gluten, if I use some specialty kinds of grain with less gluten, like rye bread, oat bread, etc.

Gluten flour can also be used to make "gluten steaks," a meat alternative. These are made by mixing the gluten flour (1 cup) with cold water (3/4 cup), cutting the dough into slices and then boiling in broth one hour.

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