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Spring Classes, through April

25 Jan 2021

Our goal is to hold three monthly classes. Deb & Debbie's classes are $20/person. My bread class is $15 each, all held here at our Palmer Granary, 1501 E Lazy Lady Lane:

  • Sprouting with Deb Sudz, when all else fails, sprouts provide explosive nutrition & satisfaction. Learn the how to's.
  • Whole Grain Meals, Techniques & Ideas with Debbie Deitz. A natural born teacher, Debbie creates all kinds of wonderful foods, easy to prepare as well as just plain fun foods!
  • I will hold a monthly bread class, teaching the basics of whole grains, always instruction on soaking & dehydrating grains, etc, demonstrating the Bosch, Harvest Mill & Dehydrator.

TUSCAN CHICKEN on NAAN, an Indian Flat Bread ~ Saturday, February 20, 10 am. Here's another full meal ready for dinner, grab and go, or the freezer.

SPROUTS, Part 2 ~ Monday, February 22, 6 pm We all enjoyed the Intro Class in January, we are making this a monthly class of continuing education. Part 2 features Garbanzo Sprouts to create delicious Falafel in Pockets.

BREAD BRAIDS Simple & Delcious ~ Tuesday, March 16, 6 pm Let's whip up 4 or 5 kinds of bread braids, pizza, cheeeeeesy, fruity, so easy. Stash some in the freezer for a quick meal.

PASTA ~ Saturday, March 20 at 10 am & 12:30 pm. One of our most popular classes, everyone loves homemade Pasta. So easy with the counter top roller!

BEAN SPROUTS in RICE WRAPS, Part 3 ~ Monday, March 29, 6 pm More fabulous info on the nutrional aspects of sprouting.

PEROGIS ~ Saturday, April 17, 10 am One of Debbie’s favorite foods is another one of those grab & go meals.

DETOX NATURALLY, PREPARING for a BUSY SUMMER SEASON ~ Monday, April 26, 6 pm Deb Sudz is so knowledgeable. Let's 'clean up from in the inside out'!

RYE BREAD & CABBAGE SOUP ~ Tuesday, April 27, 6 pm Our Rye has a couple of unique ingredients, thanks to John LaVarnway. The Cabbage Soup is so simple!

Call or email to reserve your spot or simply place your reservation on the website!

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