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Sorghum Grains (Milo) 25#

Good grain for GF Flour
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Interest in food quality sorghum is growing rapidly in the United States.  Sorghum may be ground in hand mills or food processors to the degree of fineness needed (coarsely ground for a cooked cereal, finely ground for flour).  Flour should be prepared fresh and used within a few days, or it may be stored in the freezer.  Whole grain, if kept cool and dry, may be stored for over a year without becoming moldly or rancid.  Store sorghum flour in metal or plastic containers with a tight lid.     Grain sorghum flour contains no gluten, so people who have Celiac disease are able to digest sorghum flour products.  Because it is gluten free, recipes will need to be adjusted when replacing flour with sorghum flour.  Add one tablespoon of corn starch to every cup of sorghum flour to improve smoothness and moisture retention.  An extra egg white will also improve the smoothness and crumb texture.    

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