Sesame Seeds 5# Organic

I use them as a great topping, in granola & seedy bread.
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These small tasty, hulled seeds are used in cereals, crackers, spreads, drinks, casseroles, granola, candies, soups, salads, fish and baked goods. Delicious when toasted and sprinkled on grains or main dishes. Known as tahini when ground into a butter. A nutritious mayonnaise substitute may be made by simply blending sesame seeds with water (1 part seeds to about 2 cups water), season to taste. Nutrient rich, sesame seeds are rich in Protein, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus and other minerals; Vitamins B & E, Essential Fatty Acids, and fiber.

 Sesame Seed Sprouting Instruction: Soak 4-6 hours using 1 cup of seed per half-gallon jar. Ready in 1-2 days. Tiny sprouts, turns bitter if left too long.

When visiting Jon & Sarah and our grands in Italy a couple of years ago, we traveled to Austria to see the Sound of Music scenery! For dinner, I ordered this tasty sesame dish. Kathe Kale told me how to duplicate it.

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