Prairie Gold Hard White Spring Wheat 5#

Manufacturer: Wheat Montana Farms
Light - Nutty Flavor Starter Size
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Prairie Gold Hard White Spring Wheat, grown around the Continental Divide at Wheat Montana Farms, is our primary bread grain. Because of its excellent protein content and a mild nutty flavor, you’ll not taste a better loaf this side of heaven! Wheat Montana grows all their grains with the certified chemical-free, NON GMO guarantee. Visit the Farm. See their amazing cleaning process. No bugs or dust in our bags or pails!

Whole wheat contains over 40 nutrients, God designed grains like a symphony orchestra, to perfectly feed and nourish the body. Whole grains are God’s most perfectly complete package food! By milling them yourself, your family consumes the whole food, not partial food! Besides the superior nutrition and fabulous nutty flavor, consider the economics of fresh milled flour. A 50# bag contains enough grain for 50 loaves of bread! With the other ingredients, a regular size loaf of Prairie Gold bread costs about $1.10, approximately $.10 a slice. What a ‘great bang for your buck!’

Because our systems are so overdosed on wheat, I combine three grains with high gluten content for delicious, light loaves. They are more easily assimilated by the body. Here's the mix for 5 loaves in the Bosch ~ 6 C Prairie Gold, 3 C Spelt & 3 C Kamut. Of course, soaking & dehydrating the grains first produces the lightest, squishiest loaves. Come to our bread class & see how we do it. So simple!

Follow this link to our Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

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