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Picture of Cake Paddles ~ Replacement

Cake Paddles ~ Replacement

You won't need these very often, unlike the Cookie Paddles!
Picture of Bowl Scraper for Universal Plus

Bowl Scraper for Universal Plus

IMPROVED! The Bowl Scraper is SUPER STRONG now. It just stays on my whip drive! LOVE IT! Totally recommend it.
Picture of Replacement Wire Whips
Picture of Batter Whisks
Picture of Flour Sifter For  Bosch Universal Mixer
Picture of Citrus Juicer for Universal Plus
Picture of Bosch Blender ~ High Speed Workhorse!
Picture of Filter Pro Dehydrator

Filter Pro Dehydrator

Unique 'Clean Air' Filtration system
Picture of Fruit Leather Trays
Picture of Regular Trays Set of 2

Regular Trays Set of 2

For Filter Pro Dehydrator with mesh screens.
Picture of Artiste Mixer

Artiste Mixer

Powerful, Bosch size bowl with smaller footprint.
Picture of Dough Hook Extender

Dough Hook Extender

Transforms the Bosch into a 'small' mixing bowl!