Millet ~ Organic ~ alias 'bird seed' 25#

Serve like rice, excellent for restoring alkaline balance to the body.
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A staple in third world countries, we in the US would do well to incorporate millet into our diets as well! Organic Millet, a small round yellow powerhouse, produces a calming effect to overactive children and stressed adults. Due to its alkalinity, the body readily digests and assimilates its nourishing properties. It calms ladies during those crabby days and represses symptoms prior to those days!  Its high silicone content beautifies skin, hair and nails, too. Millet flows through the roller/flaker producing a meal-like texture for great hot cereal. Try millet and spelt hot cereal for easy digestion. Recognized as bird seed, human bodies need millet, too. With a bland flavor, choose what suits the menu and add it to millet. Throw in soups or breads for an extra crunch. Replace some of the sesame seeds with millet in the Hobbit Seed Cakes recipe.

Cooking Millet: Cook like rice, two parts water to one part grain, over medium-low heat about 15 minutes. Add chicken or beef broths for flavor.

Also diminishes the affects of 'lady crabby days.' A huge plus!

We sell Organic Millet in two convenient sizes: 25# and a 5# sample size.

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