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CLASSES In the Palmer Granary ~ Register via email or easily on the class link of the website.

07 Jul 2021


Come to the Palmer Granary and learn the tricks to whole grain baking! Each class features the ease & benefits of sprouted whole grains, a true life changing method for many folks who usually avoid gluten & grains. Make a reservation on the class link of our website or shoot me an email. Adults $20, bring budding bakers, eager to learn $12.50

  • Thursday, March 16, 3 pm, SEEDY BREAD & BRAIDS with HEART HEALTHY SPREADS  Another delicious variation with satisfying seeds. Keep the spreads handy for a filling snack.
  • Monday, March 20, 2 pm, GF BREAD & COOKIES, an afternoon with Marissa Van Thiel. She bakes up GF Bread, every bit as light & fluffy as our ‘glutenful’ bread. You will come away empowered to make your own!  Alexander the Great Cookies are an added bonus! Find all the ingredients right here in the Palmer Granary!
  • Friday, April 14th at 4 pm, PASTA, PASTA, PASTA, with Heather & Tia. They love this family experience & so will you. Of course we will whip up rich sauces, French Bread & Salad. Come hungry!
  • Monday, May 8, 3 pm, CLASSIC WHOLE GRAIN BREAD 101. Learn all the basic guidelines for baking with Grains. Perfect beginner  101 class. Feast on Bread, Hot Cereal, & Pizza! Take home cinnamon rolls!
  • Thursday, June 8, 3 pm, BAGELS … BAGELS … BAGELS  Sometimes we just crave a heartier sandwich, Bagels are it! Bake up several batches for the freezer, to enjoy on the run. Whether you slather on cream cheese or layer up a sandwich, choose the Whole Grain version. Your body will thank you!
  • Monday, July 17, 3 pm, SALMON QUICHE & GARDEN FRESH STIR FRY DINNER & DILLY ROLLS with DONNA JONES. Double dinner night! Store what you eat & eat what you store. Let’s chop up some of those garden goodies for a delicious dinner! You will adore this new twist on Salmon Quiche!

Make a reservation on our class link or shoot me an email.

4 -  APHEA CONVENTION, Friday & Saturday, April 21 - 22 at the Muldoon Christian Assembly on DeBarr.. Calling all Home School Families, this is  your opportunity to view curriculum, attend workshops & hear inspiring speakers. Recharge your batteries & meet like minded families. It is AMAZING! You will find us in the Vendor Hall. For more info go to

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