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September, October, November & December Palmer Classes

07 Jul 2021

Creating your own food from your own pantry could be a very necessary skill in coming days. Here are our very timely, practical classes. We have exciting news! Allison Fiscus, a Utah transplant, steps in to teach classes here in Palmer! She brings a vast background of whole grains to our organization. You will love her enthusiasm and gift for teaching. This frees me up a bit to tend to my other responsibilities with Wholy Living! Here's our line up of classes so far until the end of the year....

* Monday, Sept. 27 at 6 pm ~ B is for BURGER AKA,

10 Meals from 10#s of Burger ~ this is one of my favorite classes. Start with a batch of bread dough & use it to create many meals! $20 each

* Thursday, Sept. 30 at 5 pm ~ Grain Bowls, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Start with some small cooked grains, add meat, veggies, cheese, seasonings & you have meal fit for a 'happy belly.'!

* Saturday, Nov 6 at 10 ~ Dilly Bread & Split Pea Soup & Ranch Celery Soup - expand your bread horizon with a new variation on sprouted bread. Check out the nutrients on the split pea bag! They are amazing. Warm up today!

* Tuesday, Nov 23, from 3 - 7, Customer Appreciation Open House. We are so blessed by all of you. Enjoy goodies with us!

* Saturday, Dec 4, at 10 ~ Christmas Bread & Fruitcake

* Tuesday, Dec 7, at 3 ~ Christmas Cookies & Goodies.

DEBBIE DEITZ’ WASILLA CLASSES  ~ I am very excited about this new development. Debbie’s new home on Fairview Loop has the perfect kitchen area for a good size group! She will give me a November & December schedule very soon. They will be posted on the class link as well as announced via our emails & FB page.

Sorry to announce that Debbie & I decided to forego a fall event. With all our new reps, we need a special gathering for our Wholy Living team. We expect to develop a notebook full of information and recipes for them, that we can share with all of you. Many have asked if we have our own cookbook etc. Lord helping, yes, we will! In the meantime, get your 'DEBBIE FIX' by attending her classes, soon TBA!

Also join us for SCHOOL of GOVERNMENT at Real Life Church, just outside Palmer on the Palmer Wasilla highway at 7 pm. Edna DeVries, Palmer’s amazing mayor, trains us to be more involved and knowledgeable about local government, that which influences our daily lives the most. Students 13 and older meet at 6 pm. Come the FIRST & THIRD MONDAYS of the month!

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