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07 Jul 2021


Come to the Palmer Granary and learn the tricks to whole grain baking! Each class features the ease & benefits of sprouted whole grains, a true life changing method for many folks who avoid gluten & grains. Make a reservation on the class link of our website or shoot me an email. Adults $20, bring budding bakers, eager to learn $12.50

MAKE AHEAD MORNING MAGIC, Saturday, Sept 10 from 1-3 pm. Heather Bair loves to teach! Today she shares Biscotti, Bagels & Egg Bites. You’ll also sample Toasted Coconut & Oats Granola and Muffins from our Mixes, recipes provided. Make them all in a few hours & enjoy Breaking Your Fast all week long!

CLASSIC WHOLE GRAIN BREAD, Thursday, Sept 15, 4 - 6 pm.  From one batch of dough, you’ll enjoy freshly sliced bread, yummy pizza, & take to bake cinnamon rolls. Learn the properties of many grains & how to use them.

AN EVENING IN FRANCE, Monday, Oct. 10, 4 - 6 pm. Again, Heather shares her expertise. This time it’s French Cuisine for newbies! Expect a full Happy Belly with authentic French Onion Soup, French Style Roasted Chicken, Salad & Dark Cocoa Brownies.

PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA, Monday, Oct. 24, at 5—7 pm. Let’s make several crusts, including a gluten free crust with coconut flour. Taste test several variations  ~ different sauces, shapes, toppings. Who doesn’t love PIZZA? This will be the second time around for this class ~ the first one was so much fun!

GRAMMY’S KILLER BREAD, Thursday, Nov. 3, at 4 pm. Like Dave’s Killer with seeds & nuts, Grammy’s involves sprouted seeds, nuts & grains taking bread to a whole new level of delicious & nutritious! We’ll also serve a soup or salad with it! It might just become your favorite bread, too!

CHRISTMAS BAKING & QUICK HOMEMADE GIFTS, Friday, Dec. 2, at 4 pm. My Mother’s Christmas Stollen Bread & simple homemade gifts from the kitchen will round out this Holiday Class!

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