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Fall 2023 CLASSES In the Palmer Granary ~ Register via email or easily on the class link of the website.

07 Jul 2021


Come to the Palmer Granary and learn the tricks to whole grain baking! Each class features the ease & benefits of sprouted whole grains, a true life changing method for many folks who usually avoid gluten & grains. Make a reservation on the class link of our website or shoot me an email. Adults $20, bring budding bakers, eager to learn $12.50

SOLDOTNA WHOLE GRAINS 101, Monday, 2 pm Sept 25 POC - Morgan 907-953-0998 We are moving our operation south to share with the Peninsula!

GRAMMY’S KILLER BREAD with sprouted grains, seeds & nuts, One of our fav class ~ Friday, Sept 29 at 3 pm.

WHOLE GRAINS 101, CLASSIC BREAD ~ Monday, Oct 2, Cordova. POC Natalie - 704-681-1413

DINNER with DONNA ~ Monday, Oct 9 4 pm~ Her amazing recipes delight our taste buds. Salmon Croquettes with cheese sauce will do the same! Russian Black Bread, Salad, and Coconut Cream Pie complete the menu!

SOURDOUGH BREAD with DONNA, Monday, Nov 13, 3 pm

Make a reservation on our class link or shoot me an email.

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What link?

I would love to sign up for a class, and look at your recipes but they simply aren't showing up when I browse the website.  Please advise!
Thanks so much!