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BREAD & BAKING ESSENTIALS ~ Powdered Products & Extracts, Yeasts, Chocolate Chips

Explore our unique line up of products from Maple Powder to Sunflower Lecithin to Allergy Free Dark Chocolate Chips  Fill your pantry with delicious ingredients for amazing baked goods!

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Picture of Arrowroot 5#

Arrowroot 5#

Use like cornstarch. No GMO!
Picture of Almond Extract 8 oz

Almond Extract 8 oz

Wonderful, powerful almond flavor. Cooks Flavoring offers excellent liquids as well. Try our Almond Extract for a delightful nutty flavor! Once you make a whole grain Angel Food Cake, you’ll not buy one again! No one will guess you made it!
Picture of Almond Powder ~ 1.5# jar

Almond Powder ~ 1.5# jar

Almond Powder taste like some-more! Here is the same 1.5# jar. It will carry you through the holidays!
Picture of Arrowroot Powder 1#

Arrowroot Powder 1#

Excellent corn-free sub for cornstarch.
Picture of Baking Powder ~ Rumford

Baking Powder ~ Rumford

5#s No Aluminum!
Picture of Baking Soda 1#

Baking Soda 1#

Everyone needs Soda!
Picture of Baking Soda 5#

Baking Soda 5#

A Kitchen Essential
Picture of Beef Gelatin ~ 1#

Beef Gelatin ~ 1#

This makes delicious 'Jello' desserts. Flavor with berries, frozen or freeze dried, powder them a blender or coffee mill. No preservatives or weird dyes, just a natural gelatin! 1 T gels 2 C liquid
Picture of Dark Chocolate Chips, Allergen Free & Organic 5#

Dark Chocolate Chips, Allergen Free & Organic 5#

Delicious, perfect for special needs diets!
Picture of Dough Enhancer 1#

Dough Enhancer 1#

Soy based
Picture of Natural white Unbleached Flour 25#

Natural white Unbleached Flour 25#

IF you must, purchase this NON GMO flour.