Check here for unique foods for gluten free baking as well as coconut base items.

  • Coconut Aminos takes the place of Soy Sauce
  • Coconut Sugar, another good sugar substitute
  • Tapioca Starch
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Picture of Almond Meal / Flour

Almond Meal / Flour

5# made from non pareil almonds
Picture of Amaranth 25#

Amaranth 25#

Organic ~ Gluten Free ~ Protein rich!
Picture of Amaranth 5#

Amaranth 5#

Organic ~ Gluten Free ~ Protein rich!
Picture of Buckwheat Groats 5#

Buckwheat Groats 5#

Start with a sample to experiment with this unique grain.
Picture of Buckwheat Groats, Organic 25#

Buckwheat Groats, Organic 25#

My Mom always ordered her favorite, buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.
Picture of Chipped Coconut 2.5# NEW SIZE

Chipped Coconut 2.5# NEW SIZE

Large dried chips, cut from the coconut in long, thin strips.
Picture of Coconut Chews 1#

Coconut Chews 1#

MOUNDS! But better!
Picture of Coconut Chews 5#

Coconut Chews 5#

MOUNDS! But better! Don't eat them all yourself, share the joy1
Picture of Coconut Cream Powder 3#

Coconut Cream Powder 3#

Flavor your curries, smoothies, ice cream, or coffees!
Picture of Coconut Flour ~ Organic 5#

Coconut Flour ~ Organic 5#

Derived from Philippines, delicious Coconut
Picture of Coconut Oil ~ Organic Gallon

Coconut Oil ~ Organic Gallon

No Coconut flavor or odor. Use it with butter in cookie recipes. Mix equal parts of butter & coconut oil for bread spread. Even add some garlic or other flavoring for a nice variation.
Picture of Coconut Oil Unrefined Virgin Gallon

Coconut Oil Unrefined Virgin Gallon

Our love affair continues! Did you check out the 80 uses of Coconut Oil website?