FORJARS Canning Lids REGULAR MOUTH 50 to a box

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Great canning lids are difficult to come by as many of you know and that is the reason why we developed the perfect canning lids that will allow you to create airtight seals on any mason jars.
ForJars Canning Lids will hold a tight seal for up to 18 months, so you never have to lose any of the food you have canned. Built regular mouth ball jars, these airtight canning lids will offer you the best canning experience you’ve ever had.
Safe for boiling and pressure cooking, these canning lids will provide dependable and safe seals for all your canning needs. From salsa, pickles, to turkey broth, these ForJars Canning Lids are the affordable alternative you have been looking for all this time. Well search no more! Order today and discover for yourself why these canning lids are recommended by expert canners all over the USA.
  • Regular Mouth Lids are 2.75in/70mmEnsures a tight seal for canning and storage purposes.
  • Soft, BPA-Free sealing material on the underside of lids
  • When canning, lid sealing material functionality is single-use only
ForJars canning lids have several features that set them apart from the average canning lid on the market. We cannot give all of our secrets away but here are a few things. First our lids are thicker than any name brand lids out there, this means more durability when pressure canning or water bathing. Our lids and bands also have a stainless-steel composite that helps prevent rusting when canning so that your food is safe. Lastly our lids have a larger lip to get a nice and tight seal. We stand behind our lids 100% and guarantee them.