Filter Pro Dehydrator

Manufacturer: Bosch & Nutrimill
Unique 'Clean Air' Filtration system
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Love my Filter Pro! Jerky, pasta, really ripe fruits and vegetables,  and fruit leather. Because i soak & dehydreate my grains, mine is used several times a week.  I consider this dehydrator an absolute MUST of serious bread makers. The difference in soaked grain & 'straight' grain bread is like night & day! hMy next favorite item to dehydrate in pineapple. Nuts, seeds & beans also dry will in the Pro.

The Filter Pro, so simple to operate, fill your trays, turn on, set the timer (24 hour choice), set the temp(95 to 158)b and forget it! Automatic timer, automatically shuts it off.

Amazingly innovative, it continually monitors the temp, to keep it steady, no surging. You won’t notice a change in your electric bill.

All 6 trays have easy clean mesh screens.

Two fruit leather tray come with the unit.

Additional trays and mesh screen are available. I soaked way too many beans once. I stacked another 6 trays on top and was amazed how efficiently the Pro dried the entire 12 trays!

The Pro also filters the air as it runs. Airborne pet contaminants are not an issue.


  • 6 Trays: 2 deep/ 4 regular
  • "Clean air flow" Filter
  • 6 Mesh Screens
  • 2 Fruit Leather Trays
  • 4 Yogurt Cups
  • Instruction Book with recipes
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