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E C J Sugar - Organic - 25# (Evaporated Cane Juice)

Less refined than white sugar, our Cane Sugar does not affect blood sugar as much.
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We’re all going to eat sweets. I think this is a better alternative than refined white sugar. Less processed, it retains more nutrients. Rebecca noted that her belly hurts when she eats typical white sugar, but not with our  Evaporated Cane Juice Sugar. Because it is super sweet, only use just a little over half the amount of sugar in the recipe. You also will not notice blood sugar spiking from our Sugar.  For brown sugar, Pour about 10 Cups into the Bosch bowl with the wire whips, start the motor, and then slowly pour in the molasses. Stop when the color suits your taste buds! To make powdered sugar, think a couple of days ahead. Lightly run our sugar in a coffee mill 2 – 4 T at a time or a blender 1 C at a time. Pour the sugar powder into a jar & let rest for a couple of days. The sugar takes on a metallic odor & flavor. After a couple of days, it dissipates. Therefore, have a jar in the cabinet, ready for use!  Try Sunshine Cookies - yummy!

A sweet German lady suggests mixing sugar & Vanilla Powder in a shaker to sprinle on the top of cakes etc before baking.

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