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All so delicious. Make your own trail mix, add to baked goods or hot cereal, perfect healthy snacks!

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Picture of Dried Cherries 5#

Dried Cherries 5#

Dried Bing Cherries
Picture of Coconut Shred

Coconut Shred

Shredded, Organic and Unsweetened 5#
Picture of Cranberries


Dried & Sweetened with Apple Juice 5#
Picture of Golden Raisins 5#

Golden Raisins 5#

My new favorite fruit addition to trail mix, cookies & quick breads.
Picture of Raspberries Whole Freeze Dried

Raspberries Whole Freeze Dried

8 oz ~ 10 year shelf life, unopened.
Picture of Figs, Conadria  - 1#

Figs, Conadria - 1#

Soft, Chewy, Delicious 1#
Picture of Figs, Conadria  - 5#

Figs, Conadria - 5#

Soft, Chewy, Delicious 5#
Picture of Raisins, Thompson Seedless ORGANIC 5#
Picture of Chipped Coconut 2.5# NEW SIZE

Chipped Coconut 2.5# NEW SIZE

Large dried chips, cut from the coconut in long, thin strips.
Picture of Date Pieces 30# box

Date Pieces 30# box

For serious date lovers. Extruded dates rolled in oat flour
Picture of Coconut Flour ~ Organic 5#

Coconut Flour ~ Organic 5#

Derived from Philippines, delicious Coconut
Picture of Date Pieces 5# bag

Date Pieces 5# bag

Extruded dates rolled in oat flour