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Coconut Oil Unrefined Virgin Gallon

Our love affair continues! Did you check out the 80 uses of Coconut Oil website?
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Hold onto your coconut shell, the updated version is 333 uses! Visit Hybrid Rasta Mama I get very inspired by reading all the info! Here’s a couple of my favorite applications for coconut oil!
•Melt it & pour onto popcorn! Fabulous!
•A neighbor family combines: 2 C butter, 1 1/2 C liquefied coconut oil & 1 1/2 C olive oil for a wonderful butter substitute. Whip it in your Bosch bowl!
•I still use coconut oil morning & evening to moisturize my face. I’m too cheap to buy the expensive creams!
•In baking, use coconut oil in combination with olive, butter or palm fruit shortening. 100% coconut oil pie crusts tend to smoke up the oven.
•One more amazing application. Watch this video touting coconut oil relieving some Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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