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GRAINS ~ Whole, Rolled, & Gluten Free

Here are all our superb quality Grains. Most are Certified Organic, other are Certified Chemical Free. Most boast an extended shelf life, decades even, stored properly ~ dry, moisture free, pest & pet free. We recommend our pails with regular or gamma lids. Note that bugs avoid bay leaves, so place a couple of those right inside your pail as extra assurance of long lasting freshness. These grains have the shortest shelf life ~ 6 to 18 month:

  • Brown Rice
  • Oat Groats - rolled oats as well since the seed coat is broken
  • Barley

Be assured our suppliers & growers provide supreme quality products. We offer amazingly low prices! Invest in whole grains, especially sprouted grains for long term health!

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Picture of Barley, Organic Oregon 25#

Barley, Organic Oregon 25#

Super nutritious!
Picture of Barley, Organic 5#

Barley, Organic 5#

Oregon Grown
Picture of Sorghum Grains (Milo) 25#

Sorghum Grains (Milo) 25#

Good grain for GF Flour
Picture of Sorghum Grains (Milo) 5#

Sorghum Grains (Milo) 5#

Good grain for GF Flour
Picture of Buckwheat Groats, Organic 25#

Buckwheat Groats, Organic 25#

My Mom always ordered her favorite, buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.
Picture of Buckwheat Groats 5#

Buckwheat Groats 5#

Start with a sample to experiment with this unique grain.
Picture of Quinoa Organic 25#

Quinoa Organic 25#

Add to soups. Eat for breakfast with eggs, avocados & cheese.
Picture of Quinoa Organic 5#

Quinoa Organic 5#

Pleasing to the eye, appeals to the pallet. Eat alone or combine with millet & rice for a delicious rice substitute.
Picture of Tri-Colored Quinoa, Organic 25#

Tri-Colored Quinoa, Organic 25#

Quinoa (Keenwa)can be milled for flour or cooked like rice. GF!
Picture of Corn Masa ~ Organic 5#

Corn Masa ~ Organic 5#

Make Tamales, Tortillas and More Use the Tortilla Press for both... Loved learning at our Mexican Fiesta
Picture of Millet ~ Organic ~ alias 'bird seed' 25#

Millet ~ Organic ~ alias 'bird seed' 25#

Serve like rice, excellent for restoring alkaline balance to the body.
Picture of Tri-Colored Quinoa, Organic 5#

Tri-Colored Quinoa, Organic 5#

Quinoa (Keenwa)can be milled for flour or cooked like rice. GF! Just tastes better than white, a visual thing!