Bosch & Nutrimill

Life in the kitchen is so delightful with the right tools.Every man recognizes quality tools. Now every woman can own fabulous kitchen tools, designed to last a lifetime! Ladies, you won't pass on this equipment to your children, but maybe to your grandchildren! If you haven't done so all ready, become the newest Bosch owner on the block & exclaim with the rest of us, I LOVE MY BOSCH! NOTHING MAKES BREAD LIKE A BOSCH!

Visit our store and ask about in store pricing! You WILL be glad you came!

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Picture of Cake Paddles & Metal Whip Drive

Cake Paddles & Metal Whip Drive

Cake Paddles so much more durable than Cookie Paddles. I don't sell those anymore. My Cake Paddles NEVER break!
Picture of Bowl Scraper for Universal Plus

Bowl Scraper for Universal Plus

IMPROVED! The Bowl Scraper is SUPER STRONG now. It just stays on my whip drive! LOVE IT! Totally recommend it.
Picture of Citrus Juicer for Universal Plus
Picture of Flour Sifter For  Bosch Universal Mixer