Bosch Meat & Food Grinder

Manufacturer: Bosch & Nutrimill
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My son in law, Greg, is quite the hunter. Several times, I have found myself in front of a meat grinder with bowl of moose, caribou and bear to process! Running the Bosch for 4 hours straight is not uncommon. With the automatic transmission, it will do the job, no problem! The meat grinder allows you to grind and mince fresh meats, stuffings, and virtually any food into a desired consistency. Customize meat blends for your burgers, hash, meatballs and more. Even use left-over roasts, etc. to make your favorite ground meat blend. A great way to know what is in your ground meat. This model is designed for the Universal PLUS, but will fit the old Universal when purchased together with a shorter support leg, (item #607750). Follow this link and you’ll find numerous attachments for the meat grinder, as well as several sizes of blades. I can special order any of these for you. Just send me a quick email request.

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