Amaranth 5#

Organic ~ Gluten Free ~ Protein rich!
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Amaranth is a very ancient grain used by the Aztecs and Incas. Grinding it makes a light and tasty flour. As small as it, Amaranth will go through the Nutrimill. Rich in lysine, Amaranth packs a powerful punch of protein. There are also 60 mg of calcium per 1/2 cup, and amaranth is gluten free. Amaranth has a nutty, slightly spicy flavor, and a sticky gelatinous texture. Amaranth also is much more nutritious than wheat, so again add it to your Prairie Gold to make protein rich breads! Amaranth is also extremely high in fiber, so it guards against cancer and heart disease! It makes a highly nutritious hot cereal and can be cooked like any other grain, but becomes sticky when cooked. Can be mixed with corn, onions, and pinto beans. Try popping it like popcorn too! Like Quinoa, cook this tiny seed like rice in a broth, etc.

Cooking instructions: Cook amaranth 2 parts water to 1 part grain for about 20 minutes. Since it is bland like millet & quinoa, use part fruit juice or some broth as the liquids for flavor.

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