6 Gallon Pails with lids

Hold 45# of grain.
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These pails, made in the USA, hold 45# of grain, have a handle, and come with a sealable lid, which are difficult to pry off! I store my grains in my furnace room in these pails. They stack easily on top of each other. Add several bay leaves before sealing the pail .Bugs & bay leaves don't mix well!

18 H X 12.5 W  HDPE 2   USA MADE!

Twister lids, a two part lid with an outer ring and a screw on center, create easy access to the pail. I use a mallet to secure the ring on the pail, then the center part just screws right into the ring. Yes, the gamma also has a rubber ring that keeps moisture out & freshness in! We generally have multiple colors available ~ red, blue, green, black, white, yellow, pink, purple, silver and orange. We will do our best to keep a variety on hand.

Plan how best to store your grains. Moisture free, rodent free, kid & pet proof is the rule of thumb. They will last for years. Wheat Montana Farms suggests rotating your stored grains every eight years. My rule of thumb is ‘eat what you store and store what you eat.’

BAG STORAGE: If you have a dry, safe area to store your grains, the bags work well. Most of them have three paper layers. This is the most space efficient way to store grain. Then pour your bags into the appropriate pail for easy access & as a deterrent to two & four legged 'critters.'

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