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Summer 2020 Classes, Make & Take Open Houses & the Fall Event

06 Jul 2020

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It is time to start classes again! At the first of the year, Debbie & I met to line up classes for the first 6 months of 2020. What an amazing meeting! I was so excited to be so organized and prepared for the year. We held one class, Flatbreads and cracker. in March. So now let's push the 'restart button' ~ Please email or call with your reservation. thanks.

TUESDAY, July 7th 6 pm: SALADS GALORE We presented 'salads in a jar' several years ago, a great class. Bring your own jars or use mine. Create a salad for a quick grab & go meal. I'll provide lots of ingredients so you can fill your jar with your favorites. $20/person includes one take home salad.

THURSDAY, JULY 30th at 6 pm: GRAMMY'S KILLER BREAD This is our family's favorite bread for toast, sandwiches, rolls etc. Of course the grains, seeds & nuts are soaked & dehydrated for maximum flavor & nutrition. $15/person

SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th at 10 until 2 pm; SNACKS ON THE GO Debbie & I will finally continue our MAKE & TAKE OPEN HOUSE SERIES. $20/person

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th at 10, SPROUTED WHOLE GRAIN BREAD Originally planned as a class at the State Fair, we will hold it here in my kitchen along with the properties of Soaking & Dehydrating your grains, seeds, nuts & beans, a true game changer! $15/per person

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th, 10 to 2 pm, GOOD GRAINS - SALADS & MAINS Use your grains for more than just baked goods. Grains provide marvelous energy & nutrients for a fraction of the cost of the usual meat selection. We aren't vegetarians, but stretch those dollars with GOOD GRAINS! Debbie's next MAKE & TAKE OPEN HOUSE. $20/per person

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd 10, BREAD CLASS TBA - open to suggestions

FRIDAY & SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16 & 17, FALL EVENT Last spring we planned it, but it was derailed along with a plethora of events! Lord helping, we will persevere this weekend. Mark your calendar ~ save the date ~ ANCIENT GRAINS FOR TODAY! Debbie is so good at making foods come alive, sharing easy methods of creating delicious meals to feed our hungry bellies! More details will come soon, but wanted you to save the date! Everyone loves our 2 day events ~

  • Breakfast & Lunch each day
  • A notebook with full notes & recipes
  • Demonstrations & workshops
  • Snacks
  • Door prizes.
  • Schedule a girl day out or bring hubby. It's all good! 
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