Tuesday, August 14, 2018

At our first event in 2011, Linda taught not only Whole Grain Nutrition but expanded our horizons with Soaking, Sprouting, and Sourdough. Linda incorporated modern research to ancient ways, making it simple and practical for us.  She completed the day with The Theology of Food, which challenged everyone to seriously consider the foods we consume and their consequences. Linda has graciously agreed to present these same workshops updated with further research and current science on whole grains. Friday AM ~ Whole Grain Nutrition & Soaking & Sprouting. Saturday AM ~ Sourdough & Theology of Food.

After attending Linda’s truly life altering workshops 7 years ago, Debbie tried soaking & dehydrating. Grains that had become a digestive nightmare causing multiple reactions were then digested easily which resulted in her feeling fabulous ... no more belly issues, no more skin issues and no more grain headaches… and didn’t have to go gluten-free. Because of the drastic differences incorporating Linda’s methods made in Debbie’s life, she now teaches others soaking, sprouting & ‘sourdoughing,’ and is excited to share and demonstrate her methods in our events Afternoon Sessions. You’ll see, learn and participate in:

 Whole grain & sourdough baking – bagels, English muffins, sourdough brownies, black bean cake, overnight carrot cake

 Spreads including cream cheese base & hummus, a variety of nutella, and nut butters

 Seeds, nuts, beans & legumes

 Homemade Ice Cream with toppings

 Sizzle Pot Basics & Creative

 Who knows what else she will share?

Expect to be not only to be empowered with this knowledge but equipped to prepare REAL food ~ simply and economically, and gain the knowledge of how to easily make our whole and real foods even more nutritious!

 New to Whole Grains?

 Want to understand Whole Grain nutrition?

 Feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

 Gluten-Free because you don’t know where else to turn?

 Think preparing whole, real, nutritious food is too expensive or time consuming?

Come. Allow us to share with you an experience that will change your life by demystifying whole grains, soaking, sprouting and sourdough… You will love it. So will your family and your pocketbook! Seating limited to 45! Reserve your ticket today!

Ticket includes Breakfast, Workshops, Lunch, Workshops, Desserts, Door Prizes & Detailed Notebook and can be purchased through Eventbrite here:

Or Call Margaret to purchase them a little cheaper: 907-354-4115

Friday or Saturday only $59   Add a spouse or child $49

Both Friday & Saturday $109    Add a spouse or child for $89 

Oh! And bring an appetite, because you’ll enjoy breakfast, lunch and goodies too!