Such a vital component to our diets, please choose your fats & sweeteners carefully! Our bodies need healthy fats. All of ours are organic & just what we need. Please don't settle for cheap imitation oils, but our healthy, REAL fats. 

Our sugars are less processed, and quite versatile! Add molasses to create fabulous brown sugar. Process 1 cup at a time in a blender for great powdered sugar! 

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Agave Syrup Gallon Size

Organic Dark Amber ~ Low Glycemic, Good Alternative for Diabetics

Olive Oil Extra Virgin

100% Pure Organic - one gallon

E C J Sugar - Organic - 25# (Evaporated Cane Juice)

Less refined than white sugar, our Cane Sugar does not affect blood sugar as much.

Maple Syrup Gallon

Grade B Organic


Sweet Table ~ Mix with our Evaporated Cane Juice Sugar for THE BEST brown sugar!

Palm Fruit Shortening 33# box

Healthy alternative to Crisco!

Sunflower Oil Gallon Organic

Pesticide Free ~ Non GMO 'all purpose' oil

BlackstrapMolasses Gallon

Dark & rich! High in iron.

Coconut Oil ~ Organic Gallon

No Coconut flavor or odor. Use it with butter in cookie recipes. Mix equal parts of butter & coconut oil for bread spread. Even add some garlic or other flavoring for a nice variation.

Coconut Oil Organic ~ 36.5# (5 gallon size pail)

No flavor, just good nutrition. The economical size for serious users. Only use coconut oil, olive oil or butter. Please discard canola, vegetable or corn.

Coconut Oil Unrefined Virgin Gallon

Our love affair continues! Did you check out the 80 uses of Coconut Oil website?