Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Introducing the ARTISTE MIXER ~ with nearly the same power of the Bosch Plus, the Artiste uses the same size bowl, but a smaller footprint on your counter. These Bosch attachments fit the Artiste ~
Slicer/shredder, both the large & original
Citrus Juicer
Ice Cream maker
All the Paddles & accessories  & Flour Sifter
This mighty mixer will knead bread dough or churn out an oversize batch of cookies, just like its predecessor! I love the new dough hook, sliding lid, & bowl locking mechanism. Great pricing at $249, which also includes a colorful set of measuring cups & spatula.

2 gallon white food grade pail with a gamma lid! Same super quality as our great pails, just a smaller size, now with a gamma. Fawn up in Fairbanks, suggests these pails are great on a panty shelf, filled with rice or popcorn, etc. Probably several bags of seeds would fill it up, too. $10

ORGANIC DRIED BLACK FIGS ~ Soft & chewy, delicious California Figs, full of flavor, calcium & iron. A perfect snack or chop into cookies or hot cereal! A quick search brought up a myriad of delicious recipes! $12/#  or $55 for 5#s

FD WHOLE BLACKBERRIES & DICED MANGOS from Augason Farms. Our Mango can disappeared before I could really get a good taste test. Must be great! You’ll love the blackberries, too. A nice crunchy texture. Adding to scones, muffins means ‘no-juice’ mess.
BAKING SODA ~ In 1# & 5# sizes.

TORTILLA PRESS & ORGANIC WHITE CORN MASA ~ Because of the Fiesta Event, we will offer both the Press   and Masa to make delicious Tortillas & Tamales. It is really quite easy, that I will even make them myself. Look for both items on the Norpro column on page 3 on the price list.

THOMPSON SEEDLESS RAISINS ~ Try these plump ones along with the golden variety., same price.

ORGANIC COCOA POWDER ~ Because the familiar cocoa powder is not available, we will off the organic 10 - 12% kind this cycle. 

GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS ~ Because of Marilyn’s Journey on the next page & requests,
here is an assortment of basic items for GF needs:
TAPIOCA FLOUR & POTATO STARCH ~ Both thickeners for soups, stews, puddings, etc.
COCONUT FLOUR ~ Use like flour, but will probably need to add extra liquids or eggs.
GF ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 25# ~ Ready made from Garbanzo Bean Flour, Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, White Sorghum Flour, & Fava Bean Flour.
SORGHUM GRAINS ~ One of five important cereal crops behind rice, wheat, corn & barley, Sorghum is popular for its energy boosting grain. Mill it into flour or crack it for a cooked cereal. When using as flour, add 1 T of ‘starch’ / C of sorghum flour. An extra egg white will also improve the smoothness and crumb texture.































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