Bread Basics

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Coconut OIl Vegalene

Larger Size ~ 17 oz

Gluten Free Kit for Harvest Mills

Transform your Harvest into a GF Mill!

Pink Himalayan Salt

Fine Stone Ground from Pakistan
From €6.32

Prairie Gold Hard White Spring Wheat

Light - Nutty Flavor
From €6.32

Sunflower Lecithin 16 oz

Substitute Sunflower Lecithin for dough enhancer!

Vegalene made with Non-GMO Oils

Huge can! Just try to use it all up! 21 oz

Vegalene Trio

Choose your favorite spray!

French Bread Pan

Two for the price of one!


More than just a wonderful bread grain, Spelt is a complete protein, with healing properties.
From €9.48


An Egyptian Grain ~ use alone or mix with Prairie Gold & Spelt for soft bread.
From €11.85

SAF Instant Yeast

Fast acting, no pre-proofing, THE BEST & most economical!