Baking Essentials

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Celtic Sea Salt

From €4.74

Chocolate, Vanilla & Peanut Butter Baking Chips

So delicious, made with evaporated cane juice sugar.
From €18.96


Organic and Unsweetened 5#
From €16.59

Coconut Oil

Choose from Organic or Unrefined Virgin ~ Gallon or 5 Gallon Pails
From €30.02

Golden Flax Seeds ~ Certified Chemical Free

Cholesterol lowering, fiber-full goodness. I include flax in most all my baked goods ~ bread & cookies especially.
From €5.53

Natural White Unbleached Flour

Processed from our own Certified Chemical Free Prairie Gold.
From €19.75

Oat Groats, Organic

Nutrition packed, versatile, cholesterol lowering Oat Groats!
From €7.90

Rolled Oats

Great Quality Rolled Oats ~ choose Regular, Quick or Certified Organic.
From €21.33

Vanilla Powder

So much more versatile than liquid!

Vegalene Pan Spray 14 oz Can

So much better than the typical competition. This can lasts forever!