Baking Essentials

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Agave Syrup Gallon Size

Organic Dark Amber ~ Low Glycemic, Good Alternative for Diabetics

Almond Powder ~ Pure

Incredible Fragrance ~ Use like Vanilla Powder

Arrowroot Powder 1#

Excellent corn-free sub for cornstarch.
From $8.00

Bread Baking Tool Set

Every woman needs a few new tools in the kitchen!
From $7.00

Coconut OIl Vegalene

Larger Size ~ 17 oz

Nutritional Yeast

Alias ~ Brewer's yeast
From $12.00

Pink Himalayan Salt

Fine Stone Ground from Pakistan
From $5.00

Sunflower Lecithin 16 oz

Substitute Sunflower Lecithin for dough enhancer!

Vegalene made with Non-GMO Oils

Huge can! Just try to use it all up! 21 oz