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Augason Farms Long Term Storage ~ #10 cans of Freeze Dried Foods & Pails

25 to 30 year Shelf Life ~ Premium Quality Fruits, Vegetables, some Dairy

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Picture of Raspberries Whole Freeze Dried

Raspberries Whole Freeze Dried

8 oz ~ 10 year shelf life, unopened.
Picture of Spinach Flakes, Dehydrated

Spinach Flakes, Dehydrated

8 oz ~ 25 years unopened.
Picture of Strawberries, Sliced Freeze Dried

Strawberries, Sliced Freeze Dried

6.4 oz ~ 30 year shelf life unopened, if you can wait that long!
Picture of Tomato Paste Powder

Tomato Paste Powder

58 oz ~ 10 year shelf life, unopened.